Cold-brewing iced tea at home

As those hot summer days (hopefully) start rolling in, a glass of cold, refreshing iced tea starts sounding more and more delicious. Brewing iced tea at home is easy and results in great-tasting tea. Although pouring hot-brewed tea over ice and sun-brewing tea both work well for black teas, these methods can sometimes result in cloudy or extremely bitter tea (especially if you try it with green tea). This easy "cold brewing" method will produce delicious iced tea from any type of tea (rooibos and botanicals included), without cloudy appearance or harsh flavor.

Use 2 tsp-1tbsp of tea leaves for every 8 oz cold water. Pour the water over the leaves in a covered container and refrigerate overnight (at least 8 hours). When the time is up, just strain the leaves and the tea is ready to drink!

The Bodum Ceylon Iced Tea pitcher (on the left in the picture) is specially-designed for cold-brewing iced tea; it features a built-in infuser that holds the leaves separate from the water and can be removed--with the leaves--when the tea has finished brewing. Miro Tea offers the Bodum Ceylon Iced Tea Pitcher for $14.95. If the summer heat gets you too thirsty, feel free to stop by Miro and try one of our sparkling iced tea fusions, a smoothie, or any one of our 250+ teas iced.


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Iced tea is a popular packaged drink. It can be mixed with flavored syrup,with common flavors including lemon, peach, raspberry, cherry. the most common among the these are lime and peach. Apart from this herbs are also sometimes served cold and referred to as herbal iced tea. It is also quick and easy. A cup of tea actually contains more of these compounds, called antioxidants, than a serving of any fruit or vegetable! And do watch the calories if you drink tea with added sugar.

Ice Tea

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