Meet Ernie

Many people are well-acquainted with that most classic of summer beverages--the Arnold Palmer. Named after golf legend Arnold Palmer, it's a textbook example of what happens when you combine two tasty summer beverages (iced tea and lemonade); pure, unadulterated
deliciousness. At Miro Tea, we call the Arnold Palmer the "Arnie," and in celebration of Rooibos Month, we've put a new spin on this classic thirst-quencher: the "Ernie!"

This mouth-watering iced tea fusion combines Rooibos--the South African red bush--with lemonade and just a touch of honey water for an added boost. It's extra thirst-quenching because rooibos is naturally caffeine-free, and it's on sale at a special promotional price of $2.75 for the month of June. Best yet, it's named after another famous golfer--Ernie Els--who hails from the same country as rooibos! It was meant to be...


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